How to display dynamically the list of opportunities Using Javascript controller, Helper and Apex Class Method in lightning component Salesforce | How to fetch and display list of Opportunity records using aura:iteration in Lightning Component Salesforce

Files we used to display opportunity records in lightning component →


Create Lightning Component →

Step 1:- Create Lightning Component : displayDataCmp.cmp

displayDataCmp.cmp [Lightning Component File]

Create JavaScript Controller →

Step 2:- Create Lightning Component : displayDataCmpController.js

displayDataCmpController.js [JavaScript Controller]

Create JavaScript Helper →

Step 3:- Create Lightning Component : displayDataCmpHelper.js

displayDataCmpHelper.js [JavaScript Helper File]

Create Apex Class Controller →

Step 4:- Create Apex Class : displayDataCtrl.apxc

displayDataCtrl.apxc [Apex Class Controller]

Create Lightning Application →

Step 5:- Create Lightning Application : [Component Application File]

Further post that would you like to learn in Salesforce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Final Output → To get source code live demo..



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Easy to learn step-by-step online tutorial by